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Latex FAQ

  1. Which colours can I choose?
    There are lots of colours for latex, from black to white. That`s why it is difficult to say which we have. In the shop you can find the option “colour” for every product. There you can see which colours there are and can choose it.

  2. Which latex strength can I choose?
    We manufacture latex in strengths 0,35mm, 0,60mm and 0,90mm.

  3. How do I dress my clothes correctly?

    There are different ways to get into latex. It is very important not to overstretch the rubber or not to get to deep into the rubber with your finger nails.

    With water:
    Rubber suits from 0,6mm are easy to put on under a running shower.

    With talcum or baby powder:
    Clothes that are prepared with talcum or baby powder slide very easily on the skin. Additionally baby powder is good for skin and latex. There are only problems if you begin to sweat during the dressing. Then there is no sliding anymore.

    With silicone oil:
    With silicone oil your latex slides really good. Unfortunately not only at your skin. We advice an antiskid pad.

    With lube:
    Of course you can get into your latex with nonfat lube. The disadvantage is that mostly your environement also slides.

    We also know persons who get into their latex without any lube. But then you may not have any hair on your body, you may not sweat and you should not have greasy spots at your skin. We personally do not recommend this.

  4. How do I polish my clothes?
    Everybody has his own favorite polish. We of course recommend the polish you can buy in our shop. But you can also use rubber polish from car shops. Your rubber will look beautiful with silicone oil or spray too. Silicone has the disadvantage that it will be greasy for a long time and makes reparation work almost impossbile. Lots of our friends prefer to go out “unpolished”. If you also prefer the matt look you just need to wipe off the latex with a wet lint-free cloth.

  5. On what do I have to pay attention when I wear my clotes?
    Latex is uv-sensitive, but that doesn`t mean that you shall wear your latex just at night, but too much sunlight makes your latex age. You should avoid sharp edges. If you like to play with crisco or other grease you should be careful. Fat attacks latex. Latex also reacts with metal. Especially coloured latex changes the colour fast if it touches metal for a longer period of time.

  6. How do I clean latex?

    During the wear of latex many things like skin-fat, sweat and smoke stay at your rubber clothes. The best way to clean it is to wash it wth lukewarmwater and dishwashing liquid. If the latex stays too long in the water it can be possible that the mends turn white. This coloration will be away if the mend is completely dry.

    If you have many clothes that are just lightly polluted you can also use the washing machine. Just wash them with a little bit of dishing liquid at 30 degrees and a program for wool and delicates. But you should switch off the spinning and dryer.

    Your latex will be very shiny if you put it in very hot water with some drops of silicone oil after the washing. The water temperature is correct if you don`t see oil drops on the water surface.

    If you like to polish your rubber after getting in then we recommend to let it dry after the washing and to put talcum or baby powder on it after it. So it cannot sick together and you can get into it easily. Just put some talcum into a garbage bag then put your latex in it, close the bag and then shake it. Take the clothes out of the bag, turn it inside out and repeat everything. This avoids that the powder is on the floor and it guarantees that the whole latex is in talcum.

    WICKIE, one of our customers, sent us a massive improvement for this tip. Instead of an garbage bag us a bag thats size fit to the size of your latexpiece. A string needs a smaller bag then a fullsuit. Put your latex in the bag, put talcum or baby powder on it and blow up the bag. So your latex can move in the bag while you shake.

  7. How do I store my latex?
    Latex reacts wth fat, some metals, light and synthetic materials. Before you store your latex you should use silicon oil or powder. Coloured latex can easily get discolorations if it impinges with other latex or metal. You should always store your latex in clothes bags so you avoid direct UV light and it is protected from environmental impacts. Storing would be favourable in a dark dry room or a chest. To avoid that coloured pieces and/or metal zippers or –buttons touch each other, you can additionally put a plastic-bag over every piece.

    You should use the more expensive rubberized coat hooks. Cheap synthetic or metal coat hooks can react withyour latex. Latex lives and wants to be worn. Don`t let your clothes hang for months without using them. If you store your latex horizontally pack every piece particularly.