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We are not a department store
There are often competitors with big retail shops where lots of rubber clothes are presented unprotected. The ware often hangs for months and turns grey. We mostly produce until we get your order and you get it so to say freshly from the pasting table. We only produce on hand if we know that ourclothings will not hang for longer than one week. We store our rubber safe from light on the roll as it is delivered by our latex producers. Finished clothes are stored in protective covers until dispatch.

We don`t need to hide something
Latex is worked on with talcum during and after the production. This fine powder is like a protective film on the rubber. When you get your rubber clothes there will still be 99 % of it on the latex. We only polish seldomly. Inaccurate mends, spots from leaking glue and dirty fingers are not visible on polished rubber. We only polish it if we want to store it for a longer period of time.

You can announce your arrival for a visit in our studio at any time and look over our shoulders during our work. We will not tell you any secrets but you visualize how it works in our studio.

Personal qualified consultation is capitalized
Come and visit us and make yourself sure of our quality. If our work allows it we also talk aboutprivate things during a coffee and cake. If you have special wishes for the production of your clothes we will impleent them. But we have to indicate that not every wish works in reality.