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  1. What is the shopping cart?
    If you click on “buy” for one article the chosenarticle comes into the shopping cart. The shopping cart is like the shopping basket in the supermarket. You can put in and take out as many articles as you wish. For registered user who are logged in the shopping cart will be saved until the next time. If you don`t log in the shopping cart will be deleted if you leave our site.

  2. How do I order ?
    If you have articles in your shopping cart you can start your order with aclick on “check out”. If you are a registered user your dataswill be automatically loaded into the order process. But you have also the possibility to order if you are not registered. But then you have to reenter your datas with every new order.

  3. How does the order work ?
    If you clicked on “check out” you will go through the single steps of the order process. You will be asked which mode of dispatch you prefer. Then you will be asked how you wish to pay.

    After it all your datas will be shown and you can change something if it is in need. To send the order you have to accept the terms of business and then click on “order”. With it we get your order and we send you a confirmation of order.

  4. How can I pay ?
    You have different possibilities to pay. We accept cash with order and PayPal. Within Germany you can also pay on delivery. If you pay with PayPal it is also possible to pay with credit card over the PayPal-payment system.

  5. How do you dispatch ?
    We dispatch with the german post (DHL). We dispatch all packages neutrally packed.
    Our despatcher adress is:
    Alla Stritz
    Schlossstraße 6
    15711 Königs Wusterhausen

  6. Can I only buy through the online shop ?
    We don`t have a retail shop, but you can visit us in the studio and of course shop there too.

  7. What is the wishlist ?
    In the wish list you can make a note of products. We keep the wish list as long as you are a registered user at LatexAS. Articles that you have in the wish list you can put into the shopping cart.